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Dobizness.Com is the global business opportunities platform, connecting millions of buyers and suppliers across countries daily, for better and enhanced global trade. Use it!
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Sending Inquiries

You can send inquiries to sellers you find through browse or search. Use these steps:
  • Select the checkbox beside each product or supplier you are interested in
  • Click "Send Email to Selected Companies" button.
  • Complete the inquiry form and submit.
  • If you check more than one product or supplier, your inquiries will be sent to these suppliers simultaneously.
  • Once you send out your inquiry, it will probably take sellers a few days to respond. Their replies will be sent to your Check Inquiries in your Member Area.

  • Send Multiple Inquiries to Products or Suppliers
  • Select the checkbox beside each product or supplier you are interested in.

  • Click "Send Email to Selected Companies" button.
  • When you are ready to make your inquiry, go to "Inquiry Basket" located at the top gray bar each page.
  • Review your selection and click "Inquire All " button.
  • Complete the inquiry form and submit.

    Your Inquiry Basket works like a shopping cart, thus offering buyers greater convenience. You can add unlimited items in your Inquiry Basket. The items in your Inquiry Basket will remain active only if you keep at least one dobizness.com page open. Please send your inquiries before you leave the dobizness.com website.

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