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 Rules on Members Conduct


Thank you for choosing Dobizness.com and becoming a member (“Member”).   Dobizness.com is a leader in e-commerce for small businesses.  We are committed to promoting and providing a safe and fair trading environment to all users of our b2b marketplace at www.Dobizness.com (“Site”). To ensure the integrity of the Site, Dobizness.com requires that our Members conduct their business affairs with integrity and in an ethical manner when using Dobizness.com services.

When a Member subscribes to the Gold Supplier service and/or other services of Dobizness.com, you agree that you will abide by the relevant service terms of Dobizness.com as well as the applicable rules and policies of the site (collectively, the “Terms”). These Terms contain the requirements on the part of Members in using the Dobizness.com services and Site. 

Each Member should read the Terms carefully and abide by them. This document only provides a highlight on the main requirements under the Terms concerning Members’ conduct and Members should refer to the Terms for the detailed provisions.

1.   Dobizness.com Terms 
1.1       The Terms include the following service terms and website rules and policies:
            (a)      Dobizness.com Key Supplier Services Agreement;
            (b)      Terms of Use of the Site;
            (c)      The Product Listing Policy;
            (d)      The Privacy Policy.

1.2       Dobizness.com may revise any Terms and may publish new Terms, from time to time. The revised and              updated Terms will become effective and binding on Members upon being published on the site.

2.   Business Registration Documents 
2.1      Dobizness.com conducts the Verification and Authentication procedures on Key Supplier Members as             part of our efforts to confirm the identity of a paying Member. Dobizness.com services are personal to             the identified Members.  Members should not provide any false or misleading document or information             to Dobizness.com or our V&A Agency concerning their business registration and authorization. 

2.2        Members may not use another business’s registration document or any false or forged document in your              application for Dobizness.com services.  Neither may Members lend their business registration document to              another in the latter’s application for any Dobizness.com services.

3.   Security of Account 
3.1        An account is assigned to each Member for the Member’s own use only, and the account is unique to the              Member. Members should ensure the confidentiality and safe custody of the account ID and password.              Members will be responsible for all activities under the account, and all activities under the account will be              considered as under Member’s authorization.  

3.2        Members should also take all necessary measures to regulate and monitor the operation of the account by              those who you have granted authorization. If an authorized operator leaves your organization, Member              should immediately cease his/her access to the account and change the password.

3.3        If a Member discovers or is made aware of any irregular activities under his/her account, he/she should take              immediate actions including changing the password, reporting this to Dobizness.com.   Dobizness.com shall              have the right to terminate Member’s account without any liability to the Member if the Member fails to take              appropriate measures in safeguarding the security of his/her account.

4.   No Assignment 
4.1     A Member may not assign the account or any Dobizness.com services to a third party without              Dobizness.com’s prior written consent.   Permitting a third party to share the use of the Member’s account              will be considered as unauthorized assignment and is prohibited by Dobizness.com.

5.   Rules on Posting Product Listings and Other Content 
5.1        A Member may publish information about your company, products and other content on the Site. The              general rule is that Members should ensure that all information posted on the site is true, accurate and lawful              and should not be false or misleading, violate any applicable laws and regulations or infringe any legitimate              rights of another party. 

5.2      A Member should refer to the Product Listing Policy for the detailed guideline on prohibitions and              restrictions on posting product listings. Examples of prohibited products include, among others, dangerous             drugs, ammunition, indecent items, content which may cause social disorder, products which are fake or             counterfeit products or infringe another’s intellectual property rights. Examples of restricted products include,             among others, products which may require license or approval from the competent government authorities             such as medical instruments, fireworks, etc.

6.   Transactions 
6.1      Members are obliged to carry on all activities on or through the Site in compliance with applicable laws and            regulations, in particular in their dealings with business partners through the Site.  Members should also            conduct their business affairs with integrity and in an ethical manner. No Member may be involved in any            deceitful or fraudulent activities. 

6.2      Members are required to honestly and duly perform their contractual obligations with their business partners.             Member may not: 
           (a)        Fail to deliver goods to buyers after receipt of buyers’ payments; 
           (b)        Fail to make payments to sellers after receipt of any goods, or
           (c)        Deliver goods which are in substantial non-conformity with the goods ordered (such as substantial                        non-conformity in material, specifications, product category, used goods for brand new goods).

6.3     Members may not sell products which are fake or counterfeit products or otherwise infringe another’s            intellectual property rights. 

7.   Breaches 
7.1    If a Member breaches any of the Terms, Dobizness.com may impose penalties against the Member.             Depending on the seriousness of a breach, Dobizness.com may give a Member warning, impose restrictions            on posting product listings or on use of other features or functions of the Dobizness.com services, suspend            Member’s account, or terminate Member’s account. 
7.2     Without limiting Dobizness.com’s rights to impose various penalties, Dobizness.com will have the right to            terminate a Member’s account without refund or other liability to the Member if the Member has committed a            breach described in this document.

7.3      Dobizness.com may publish the records regarding a Member’s breach on the Site.

This document only provides a highlight on the main requirements under the Terms concerning Members’ conduct and Member should refer to the Terms for the detailed provisions.

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