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BNI – Business Network International is the world’s largest business referral organization. The organization helps businesses generate more businesses through qualified word of mouth referral marketing. BNI is a 27 year organization founded in 1985 in California USA by Dr. Ivan Misner. The organization presently has chapters in 50 countries with more than 6,000 chapters and over 150,000 members.

What makes BNI thick is that it is more than a networking organization. It is also training and educational organization helping its members improve their business, negotiation and marketing skills. 

With BNI a member locks out competition as only one member is admitted per profession or business. BNI has perfected the art and science of VCP process.

Today BNI is known worldwide for its Givers Gain principle, a principle and policy that focus on generating business and creating value for each member.

Dobizness partners BNI in helping business network effectively and thus grow their businesses and potentials. 

You may contact BNI through its International website at www.bni.com Tel: +1-909-608-7575, 
The European website at www.bni.eu Tel: +44 (0)1923- 891 999 or
The Nigerian website at www.bni-ng.com Tel: 2347026259590. 

Join the nearest chapter of BNI to you and grow your business today. With BNI it is local business international network.

Excel Global

Excel Global Resources is a web development company based in Lagos Nigeria. Established in 2009 by three young university graduates, the firm today focus on helping SMEs and small firms get the best from their web exposure and from the internet.

The organization offers its clients web design and development, web hosting and management, Search Engine Optimization, Internet marketing in addition to various corporate and individual ICT training.

Dobizness partners with Excel Global on web and internet services for its clients and the market.
You may reach and contact Excel Global on 2348038974388,

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