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 About Us


The www.dobizness.com b2b marketplace portal is owned and operated by Dobizness dot com, a wholly owned Nigerian company involved in ecommerce and business promotion. Dobizness focuses on four core business areas namely:
  • B2B emarketplace
  • Business and product e-directories/e-catalogues
  • Ecommerce
  • Financial and Payments Technology

                                   The www.dobizness.com b2b marketplacel
Dobizness.com was founded out of the burning need to encourage and provide a platform for small businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals to engage in business and interact with one another. The overriding objective of the company and site is to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit, spur people to be more productive by engaging in businesses and provide an e-commerce site for SMEs. We connect sellers, manufacturers, buyers and service providers worldwide. We make it easy for buyers and suppliers around the world to do business online through our marketplace platform.

In addition, we provide support and mentoring services for small and medium scale enterprises and entrepreneurs.
The dobizness website also aims to encourage and promote networking among businessmen and across geographical zones.

We work with business organizations, trade and professional associations, chambers of commerce and industries and other B2B and e-commerce organisations.

The dobizness portal focuses on the SME sector and stimulates the entrepreneurial spirit. As a web portal, it integrates businesses across the globe and internationally. It is a marketplace without frontiers, without borders.

The mission and vision of the web portal are succinctly stated below:


The mission of Dobizness is to create and expand markets, clients and businesses for every business. We seek to become a business development partner with our clients, helping them to do business right with global opportunities and more convenience. Our aim is to act as a trusted extension of our clients' business development departments, producing results that directly and positively impact on their' business objectives. We strive to develop an integrated  superior b2b marketplace portal for our clients through state-of-the-art ecommerce technology, innovation, leadership and partnerships. Our mission begins when we are able to help businesses listed on Dobizness.com portal acquire markets, clients, businesses and grow.



To be the leading and reference B2B marketplace in Africa


Our UVP – Unique Value Proposition

Do your business 24/7 with global opportunities and more convenience, any day, anywhere



Business Philosophy

The core of our business philosophy is Integrity. This is woven into every aspect of our business operation and in our relationship cum interaction with all stakeholders and the public. We do not only imbibe this, we live it in every way. Our complete set of values is listed hereunder.


                                           Clients and Users
Our services are available to the general public. However, as a business portal the site’s primary target and users are businesses, companies, firms, entrepreneurs and business owners. We welcome and interact with businesses, especially SMEs in the following subsectors.

      • Manufacturing and Production
      • Import and Export
      • Distribution and Merchandising
      • Agriculture and agricultural processing
      • Food and Beverages
      • Extractive industries
      • Mining
      • Education and Publishing
      • Engineering and Fabrication
      • Technology and ICT
      • Commercial businesses
      • Business and Commercial Services
      • Financial Services

                          Services of Dobizness B2B Marketplace
The www.dobizness.com  portal is rich with 56 business categories and over 720 sub categories listing. In addition we offer the following benefits through the site.

B2B marketplace

B2B listing

Premium listing

Web and business directory

B2B listing


Inline adverts

Online adverts

B2b web pages

Featured products

Buyers Listings

Sellers Listings

Verification Services

Inspection services

Business and Trade News

Business and Franchise Opportunities

Contracts and Bids

Business reports, forecasts and Economic watch

Business solutions

Business mate

Business alerts

Business exchange

Business bubble

Business trader


Business Blogs

Business Forums

SEO services

eBusiness auctions

eBusiness mall

Trade fairs

Invest in Nigeria  opportunities

Starting and Improving your business

Business and Financial toolkits and templates

Investors and Ventures

Workshops and conferences

Post sell offer

Post buy offer

Products and Business catalogues


We invite you to enlist and do business through the dobizness marketplace and enjoy the following advantages

Advantages of Dobizness B2B Marketplace

Manufacturer, Supplier and Seller advantages

« Promote your products and services – Our marketplace offers you the chance to promote your products and services at the least cost. We also offer you the ability to advertise or promote special offers, sales, discounts, etc. to clients.

« Make business offers – You can make business and product offers to the potential clients through our marketplace and solicit interest in your products and services through the offers, blogs, forums, videos and business profile on the dobizness marketplace.

« Accept business orders – With dobizness you have the added convenience of accepting purchase orders track them through to final payment.

« Manage buyers—You can actually monitor buyer performance and purchases, measure spending programs and contract purchases, create audit trails, analyze buying patterns, and document Purchase Order history from initial request to final payment.

« Manage your product catalogues – dobizness offers you the ability to create and/or import your product catalogues, and to maintain them on an ongoing basis, using marketplace tools.

« Respond to quotes and bids – when you register your business on the dobizness portal, you have the ability to capture new and current buyers, respond to quotes and bids, and negotiate terms pricing.

« 24/7 operation – Dobizness offers your business a global 24/7 operation; your business never closes; there are no nights and no weekends; we keep your running and open increasing your return on investment, patronage and sales



Buyer Advantages

« Post buy offers -You can easily post your buy offers through our site at minimal cost and reach the market faster thus achieving a faster order and production turnaround.

« Product Research –Our marketplace portal offers you the ability to browse catalogues, perform keyword searches for products and services, and apply filters for supplier location, diversity status, etc.

« Manage suppliers – Through our portal you have the ability to access real-time supplier product information, select suppliers from pre-approved or public lists, and analyze transaction data for supplier performance.

« Create authorizations/approval routing -- the ability to specify user authorizations, spending limits, and access rights according to business rules, and route requests and orders to managers for approval.

« Request quotes and bids – With dobizness marketplace buyers have the ability to locate new and current suppliers, request quotes, solicit bids (sealed or unsealed) from one or several suppliers simultaneously, send bid attachments, view multiple responses based on characteristics such as quantity or price, and negotiate pricing.

« Make purchases—Our portal offers you the advantage of generating purchase orders, and sending same to suppliers electronically and requesting order confirmation.



Value Added Services from Dobizness B2B Marketplace
The Dobizness B2B Marketplace Portal also offer a host of value-added services ranging from reporting and audit capabilities, wireless support, settlement, chat rooms and news feeds, business and financial information, your business questions answered, business links and support services.

Benefits of Dobizness B2B Marketplace

Manufacturer, Seller and Supplier Benefits

The Dobizness B2B marketplace present manufacturers, sellers and suppliers with several attractive financial benefits from improved liquidity to better forecasting. These benefits include:

« Liquidity Improvements. Dobizness b2b marketplace offer you a wide potential customer base, including customers located in different geographic areas, countries, continents, industries and sizes than traditionally served. Manufacturers, Sellers and Suppliers can present their entire product catalogue to interested clients, respond dynamically to all requests for bids and quotes where they have matching products or services, and auction inventory.

« Cost Savings. Our b2b marketplace offers your business liquidity improvements at a lower cost. The extensive reach offered by dobizness b2b marketplace is achieved at a fraction of the cost associated with your traditional sales channels, namely; Marketers and sales canvassers, Newspaper adverts, fairs and trade shows, road shows, mass mailings, telemarketing, face-to-face sales calls, etc.

« Stronger Inventory Management. Dobizness b2b marketplace can help your business better manage product and material inventory. Dynamic selling capabilities like forward sales allow your business to solicit bids on excess, damaged or obsolete inventory.

« Better Forecasting. As a Manufacturers, Sellers or Suppliers you can use Dobizness B2B marketplace to gauge the demand for your goods and services, and the price the market is willing to bear. By analyzing marketplace transaction data, you can better match your products and services, and time production schedules, to fit customer needs.



Buyer and producer Benefits

As product or materials Producer/Buyer, you can benefit from Dobziness B2B marketplace by increasing your efficiency and thus safe costs.

« Efficiency Increases. Dobizness Marketplace allows you as a producer or buyers, to increase your business efficiency in many ways. Using Dobizness, you can automate your business’ purchasing tasks, reducing reliance on paperwork and manual processes. You can offload purchasing activities to end users, effectively shortening the cycle time between order and fulfilment. You can solicit quotes and bids from a broad base of suppliers by issuing a single request rather than contacting suppliers individually. You can also issue line item purchase orders (a single purchase order with multiple items sourced from different suppliers) rather than separate purchase orders for each supplier.

« Cost Savings. Through Dobizness you can enjoy substantial administrative cost savings by directing purchases through our B2B marketplace. By requiring all purchases to go through dobizness marketplace, your business can reduce maverick buying, thereby lowering total spending. You can also track and aggregate spending to receive more favourable terms from suppliers. Your business can use our marketplace data to identify suppliers that consistently outperform their peers and direct future purchasers to these higher performers.


Join  and register with dobizness and do business right.



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